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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Marathi is one of my favourite languages, especially for its slang – though I can’t speak much of it (oops! Did RT hear me?).

I’ve been abused countless number of times by this certain clerk in my college office in Marathi. She’s given me choicest gaalis, much to my entertainment. I didn’t even have to pay her, like I did for Dean’s signature. The best part is that when I laugh, it irritates her even more and a vicious cycle sets in. Sometimes, another aunty who sits next to her comes to her aid and spews more venom.

If you irritate people to a great extent, many times they suddenly stop screaming. They fume so much that words don’t seem to flow from their mouth. That’s called success. At this point, their blood pressure is so high, that they burst at least 100 capillaries in their brain. Poor them

Until next time, remember to look into your plate while eating.

(If my posts seem shorter and end more abruptly than usual, blame it on the exams. They're too close for comfort.)

Monday, October 26, 2009


(Sorry for being so truant – a blood sucking culex gave me dengue and took away nearly 3 lakh platelets/ cmm last week.)

From the above cartoon, I might appear sort of antisocial to you. In fact, most of this blog depicts antisocial stuff which probably rips apart intestines of some good Samaritans. In case your intestines are affected too, you better buy a pack of chromic catgut. It’s more difficult to use than latex, however.

Once you’ve read this, you’ll probably shut your PC and go for a walk on the road. Just be more observant this time. Nine out of ten people will bump into you on the pedestrian crossing and they won’t even turn back to say sorry. One happy-go-lucky uncle carrying a hard attaché might fracture your knee as they run into you carelessly. If you don’t pay attention, someone might just spit on your toe. Most cars tend to take a reverse and hit your butt just when you’re walking past them. Tell me frankly; at least once, didn’t you by mistake discover someone’s chewing gum stuck where it shouldn’t be? In a train, have you not been trampled upon by a man busy talking to a stock market agent? I love being antisocial – I love hating such people.

Oh ya, after a long time, you’ll get two cartoons per week again; at least for the next 3 weeks.

Until next time, just check; I think your pet praying mantis is actually an atheist.