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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Survival of the Sickest

Unfortunately for you guys, Os is still alive.
If you're missing Os like you're fish out of water, manage with that ventilator for some more time.

If you hate this space but you're forced to read it, blame it on your karmic comeuppance, dude.
You have my sympathy. Seriously.

Until next time, hopefully your appendix will stay in your abdomen.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Some people are really desperate.

The reason why this post might probably lead you to believe that I have recently developed a low threshold is my posting in gynaecology. I’m not a chauvinist, but you got to believe me when I say that women in this department are as useless as that piece of garbage stuck at the bottom of your bin.

After some path breaking analysis, I have concluded that most women in gynaecology are so weird that they end up divorcing their husband, unless he too is a gynaecologist (and therefore, as weird, duh). Or they never get married. As far as male gynaecologists are concerned, they are either gay or effeminate. This is my opinion; I plead you, don't care a fig for what I have to say.

Coming back to the topic, oh wait, there is no topic. By the way, ever heard of barking monkeys? Come with me, I’ll show you sometime.

Until next time, till your teeth are stuck to their gums…