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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Twenty Seven

Continuing the anti-social mood is fun especially after a long period of quiescence.

I’m damn sure someone in this whole universe must have coated his/her enemies’ birthday cake with kerosene or a similar inflammable material. Or at least thought of something similar. I can’t think of a better birthday gift on such an occasion considering the possibilities of the birthday knife being very clich├ęd. Gagging with a large cake piece is another option, but it sounds more delicious than dangerous. 

There are 2 lizards that live just outside my room near some weird plants whose existence I never understood. Luckily for me, their progeny (who are actually large in number; how promiscuous lizards can get!) have migrated to our neighbour’s and probably giving them a tough time.

Some people deserve lizards pushed down their throats, right? Well, this excludes people who love eating them. Another way of getting even with people is infesting their bath towels with ticks and mites. While these experiments seem to involve a lot of wild life, hot coffee is something easily available. Ask your enemy to hold the cup with one hand and you must start pouring the coffee from above. Obviously, you should not pour into the cup, duh.

If you can think of more anti-social messages, please let me know. There are more smart asses around me than the number of ideas I have.

Meanwhile, make sure your optic nerves are not getting divorced. Lawyers are expensive these days.