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Monday, February 1, 2010

Twenty Five

(In case you have a poor memory, don’t worry. Refer to cartoon no. 22 to experience the Eureka moment.)

This cartoon makes me nostalgic and reminds me of my first year in medical college, especially because the convocation is around the corner.

This week and the next is going to be busy; lots of work needs to be done in order to organise a good convocation and come up with an interns yearbook. Time flies! But then, life goes on. Year after year, we’ll have Gonecases taking up medicine and writing their experiences for others to read.

Someone recently said that only those who have enough time or are intoxicated enough can come up with something as crazy as Os. I totally agree. Which is why I have concluded that the best life is the one spent in a quiet corner of the earth, where there is no rat-race, no rushing to work, no pushing-shoving and there’s enough time for oneself. I can’t imagine myself being so busy that I cannot do what I feel like doing.

Peaceful, eventful existence.